The Lord gave the word: great was the company of those that published it.

Psalm 68:11

Your book is important to us.  It is a reflection of you and the publisher.

Fiesta Publishing is in the business to publish books of excellence; we use only the best editor and graphic design firm to make your story alive and visually intriguing.

Below you will find the services offered for publishing your manuscript.  The publisher reserves the right to decline any manuscript submitted for review to maintain the standard of excellence for which the company was founded and resurrected.

If you’re interested in having Fiesta Publishing assist you with your book project, follow these 3 easy steps and you’ll be on your way to being a published author with our company!

1. A Non-disclosure Agreement (NDA) is available at the submitter’s request.  Please download the document and complete.  Send the NDA to:

2. Review the publishing options and complete the questionnaire. Please download the questionnaire here. 

3. Submit the manuscript along with questionnaire to:

A Fiesta Publishing representative will respond with an approximate time frame for manuscript review.

All Books Published by Fiesta Publishing Include the Following Services

  • Editing
  • Book Cover Design
    • ISBN/UPC Bar Code
  • Book Layout
  • Printer Ready (Perfect Bound and eBook)
  • Copyright with Library of Congress
  • Available for purchase on the following websites
    • As well as others depending on marketing of the book
Since each book is customized, the cost to publish will vary according to the amount of editing that is required, the detail of the book cover design and the number of pages.

Book printing costs are charged according to the number of books purchased, shipping and handling charges and a 25% Fiesta Publishing administrative fee. Fiesta Publishing believes the author should make money on their book, not the publisher.

Depending on the author’s sales and marketing plans, it is suggested that a minimum of 100 books be ordered. The more books ordered, the lower the cost per book.

Fiesta Publishing Marketing Services

Marketing is also offered by Fiesta Publishing as a separate fee. Having a book on a retail website is not marketing. Fiesta Publishing offers a wide range of services that are priced separately, so they can be customized by the client according to their needs. Services include:

  • Personalized Press Releases
    • Media (TV, Radio, Podcasts and Print)
    •  Retail Stores
    • Customer Base
  • Private introduction to potential radio and podcast interviewers
  • Representation at various trade shows
  • Opportunity to be on Thirst No More and Bear Fruit TV program
  • Highlighted in the Christian Small Publishers Association Monthly Newsletter
Publishers Note: Fiesta Publishing cannot predict the results the marketing services will generate for each book. With over 800,000+ books published a year, the competition makes it difficult to get noticed. Media attention doesn’t always generate sales, but could be the catalyst for future opportunities.

Fiesta Publishing Editing and Resume Services

Editing Services

Thesis/Dissertation and Publication Review

This service offers graduate students an outside opinion in order to improve the content, grammar, and organization of their thesis paper before they defend their dissertation.

This service offers faculty an outside opinion on the content and organization of the paper that will be submitted for publication. The reviewer offers suggestions to improve the content, grammar, and organization of the manuscript.

Manuscript Review

This service offers the author an outside opinion on the content to help improve the manuscript before sending it to a publisher. This is not grammatical editing. The reviewer offers suggestions to improve the content and organization of the manuscript.

Editing Fees

Each job will be quoted individually, as each paper/publication requires different edits and comments depending on the number of pages and how much work is required. The reviewer will work with the client directly regarding the quote and invoicing (50% deposit/50% upon completion). In order to provide a fair quote, the requestor needs to submit the number of words and the first 5 pages of the dissertation or paper for consideration. A Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) is available upon request.

Resume and Cover Letter Services


There are 2 types of resumes – Chronological and Functional.

The client’s work history, skill sets and the job posting requirements, will determine the type of resume that is needed. Time is spent via telephone and/or email to create a personalized resume for each client.

Cover Letter

A cover letter gives the reviewer a high level description of the applicant’s qualifications and personal characteristics. This is the tool that should entice the reviewer to want to know more about the applicant.

Resume and Cover Letter Fees

Existing resume that needs more information and/or updating – $50 per resume.

Create a resume for first time applications – $100

Cover Letter – $25