January 02, 2015

I can see by the book that you are well schooled in the Scriptures and evidenced by your strong belief in God. This is a good thing as too few people have any belief at all in their Creator. I guess the short version of my review would be:

“The testimony is a tale of heartbreak and an unfulfilled dream along with the ongoing promise of everlasting faith, hope and love. It deals with a strong woman’s struggle to fulfill what her personal God has planned for her future relationships.”

— Rodger C.


January 10, 2015

“Before I read this book I prayed that the Lord would show me the meaning of this book. As I read this book, I found myself walking with the author through her trials. I felt her pain and her hurting heart. What I got out of this book is that no matter what we go through, God will make a way when you wait on Him just as she learned to wait on Him.

Thank you Julie Castro for such a wonderful book that speaks the truth about trials.”

— Pastor Veronica Gutierrez

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Youth Worker On Fire Podcast

Julie Castro talks to Doug Edwards about her life growing up and how she knew Jesus in her head but not in her heart.  She later accepted the Lord into her life at age 25.  Julie is the author of the book “On Earth As It Is In Heaven: A Personal Allegory.” It talks about how we all have a choice whether to accept Jesus into our heart or not.


Women of Impact Ministries

Check out Women of Impact Ministries. An article I wrote was posted today.


Book Fun Magazine

Book Fun Magazine is a monthly, digital magazine that features articles written by Christian authors.  In existence for over 15 years, the magazine was birthed from a book club. Over 6,500 members belong to the Book Fun Book Club and many of it’s members submit articles for publication to draw interest to the book(s) they have written.

As the Official Magazine of The Book Club Network, we are THE magazine for reading groups. Our focus is on Christian publishers and authors while bringing family safe books and movies to readers who just want to have fun!

The following article was published in the April 2016 issue of Book Fun Magazine, see pages 188 – 195

WHOA Magazine for Women 

 WHOAWomen Magazine is a quarterly, print magazine that features articles written for and about women, by Christian women. The articles are personal in nature and are shared with intent to bring hope, inspire and encouragement to it’s readers.

WHOAWomen Magazine can be reached at Welcome

The following article was published in the Spring 2016 issue of WHOA Women Magazine: Download PDF file

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July 23, 2017;

Julie has joined Nicole on Breathe Again Magazine Radio! Aired 9:00 am est. Click here to listen.

January 15, 2017;

Click here to listen to Julie on Tough Talk Radio with Tony Gambone.

2016 Events

October 19, 2016;

Listen to Julie on the Givercise Shorts Inspired Storytelling podcast. Click here.

June 26, 2016; Singapore

Julie is featured on the Carry on Harry Talk Show. Look for Julie’s interview on the Guests from 2016 Releases link, Episode #48

June 16, 2016; Savvy Radio

Christina Nitschmann (sp) talks with Julie about obedience to God’s instructions, marriage and life lessons on her weekly radio program. Listen to her interview with Christina starting at minute 25:32

GZS 021: Julie Castro – How Can You Live on Earth as in Heaven? | God Zone Show

The God Zone Show hosted by Paul D. Johnson is a weekly podcast that asks the interviewee thought provoking questions about Amazing Wisdom, Powerful Purpose and Relentless Trouble. Listen to Julie’s responses and comments on edition GZS 021 of the show. The God Zone Show website can be accessed at God Zone Show | Receive Amazing Wisdom, Live with Inspired Purpose, Prosper through Trouble

Larry Stevenson, the bearded, black cowboy and Julie talk about her book on The Larry Stevenson Show.

Click here to listen to the radio show.
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Learn more about Larry at:
Larry Stevenson – The Bearded Black Cowboy Conservative talk radio show, God, Family, Country, letting the truth be told regardless of culture or color truth trancends the skin, #rednationrising

February 18, 2016;

The NEW Network TV Book Review. On Earth as it is in Heaven by Julia Castro.