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Recently resurrected, Fiesta Publishing now adds faith-based books to its genre.  This indie publishing company has previously published travel, technical aircraft and cook books. Just as the Bible contains genealogies, so does Fiesta Publishing. Read more here….

IMPACT: Insights, Effects and the Reality of Impaired Driving

The crime of Driving Under the Influence (DUI) negatively impacts tens of thousands of people each year. Despite numerous DUI prevention campaigns, every day countless individuals continue to get into their cars and drive intoxicated. Why is it that people from all walks of life fail to appreciate the inherent dangers of impaired driving or the devastation it leaves behind?

Testimonials in IMPACT explain the effects of impaired driving. Family members, first responders, ride-share drivers and more generously share their experience of enduring the effects of impaired driving. DUI offenders expose the depths of their denial and distorted thinking while offering candid insight into their rehabilitation and attempt to make amends.

Impaired driving is a one-hundred percent preventable crime. The intent of this book is to bridge DUI offenders with everyone in hopes of establishing a greater awareness and a dialogue for effective DUI prevention. Let’s turn the existing negative consequences of impaired driving into a positive impact.

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In Honor and Loving Memory of My Sister Tina Hurtado (Click Here)

Ladies, God has a plan for you. A plan far better than you can imagine if you will apply the concepts that Estanislao (T.J.) Hurtado III shares in his book, A Love Letter to the Ladies: A Single Christian Man’s Perspective. Brother T.J. shares from his viewpoint the characteristics Christian men desire in a woman. T.J. has known the Lord for over twenty years and as a single man and the older brother of three sisters, he has done his best to be an example of a Godly man. He doesn’t claim to be perfect, but his heart’s desire is for the reader to join him as if they are having a coffee-shop conversation about romantic relationships. This book addresses subjects such as purity, your value as the daughter of the Most High Father, emotional and sexual boundaries and more. It is the author’s prayer that this book helps each reader have a better understanding from a single Christian man’s perspective the best the Heavenly Father has for you.

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Fiesta Publishing On Earth As It Is In Heaven Front and Back Book CoverIn her book, On Earth as It Is in Heaven, Julie Castro shares the personal experiences she encountered while waiting for the man God called to be her husband. Whether a believer in Jesus or not, this intimate book will give the reader insight into how God (Yahweh) moves in one’s life. The author uses personal circumstances to help each person grow and come into the fullness to which they are called, ultimately leading to their destiny. Julie shares her lessons learned, processes, revelations, and instructions with candor and transparency. The book is a personal allegory of Jesus, the One True Husband.

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In Honor and Loving Memory of Tina Hurtado

In honor and loving memory of my sister Tina Hurtado Mendoza…
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