For Immediate Release – Announcing!

January 1, 2015

Fiesta Publishing
Phoenix, AZ 85014


Fiesta Publishing is proud to present it’s first manuscript in over 15 years. Julie Castro has resurrected her mother’s company founded in 1993. Previously, the titles focused onaviation, cookbooks and travel guides.

In 2015, Fiesta Publishing adds a new genre. On Earth as It Is in Heaven, a Personal Allegory, is a reality book that shares lessons learned, processes, revelations and full-width-cover-finalinstructions that Ms. Castro personally experienced. The reader will gain a clearer understanding of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit and how They operate in one’s life to bring each person to their destiny.

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Orders can also be placed at your favorite bookstore. Ask for ISBN is 978-0-9643613-7-9.

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